Can God Count on You

Ministering to the Leadership of International Gospel Embassy in March 2019 during a leadership Retreat. 

The topic was, β€œCan God count on you?”. It is a fact that in life we are surrounded with people with whom we enjoy varying levels of trust. This implies there are those you can not count on. As Christians and Christian leaders we usually boast about the love of God for us, and how He is trustworthy; the unchangeable God!

We need to change the other side of the coin and gauge our love and faithfulness to Him. Can God count on you? Can I stay connected, focused and committed to Him in all seasons?

In Job 1:8, 2:3 God asks Satan,” Have you considered my servant Job…”

The way God put it means He could count on Job. Job had cultivated a relationship with God and enjoyed prime seasons of being blessed to the extent he could not turn hid back on Him. We too need to reach that place where God can count on us.

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