About us

Mothers And Ministers International(MAMI) was registered as a  ministry in 2018 with the calling to uphold, support and nurture Women, Ministers of God and the Youth across denominations. Mothers And Ministers International is a Non-Profit making organization committed to training and equipping of gospel ministers and women to enable them become more effective and responsible as stewards in their respective roles.

Both Mothers and Ministers have a divine obligation to nurture. Over the past three and a half decades, there has been a lot of insurgency in different parts of Uganda including the Central and Eastern Regions, and especially in the North. Over the same period, especially from the early 1990s the AIDs scourge hit the Nation. Both the insurgencies and the AIDs scourge left many women widowed and many children orphaned leading to an upsurge of many single and struggling mothers, and many “child” parents as well. At the same time there was  a lot of migration to urban areas as people sought for security and better livelihoods leading to  a scattering of family units. The current culture of work where most parents are dual earners and engaged at work at most times further aggravates the situation.  All these have culminated into a generation/s where most have lacked mentorship and are ill prepared for adult life including the role of parenting. Most of these also lack support and guidance to better their livelihoods.

Similarly over the past years there has been exponential increase in the number of Evangelical Churches/denominations. Many of these are stand alone Churches with young ministers that lack guidance, mentorship and support. This has led to the majority of such Churches lacking depth and balance and not able to be effective in their roles as instruments of God, and others getting derailed from the correct doctrines. Many barricade themselves in their own territories and block themselves off from benefiting from the wealth of resources that God continually releases to His people as seasons and times demand.

It is our desire to see Women and Youth rise to their God given destinies despite the challenges, and to see the servants of God rise to take their positions as bearers of the end time Gospel effectively and with clarity of purpose.

OUR VISION: To see people embrace God’s ordained purpose for their lives, stay the course and attain destiny.

OUR MISSION: Enabling people to find or rediscover their God ordained purpose, nurture and equip them to  fulfil destiny.

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