Our Objectives

  • To organize Seminars and  Conferences for different categories of gospel ministers and women groups.
  • To run Workshops with Dialogue Groups for different categories of Women, Gospel Ministers and Youth.
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to the various Church leaders and Christians aimed at effective governance that is pleasing to God. (1 Peter 2: 12, Acts 6:1-8)
  • To Provide a basis for unity, networking and collaboration among the different churches and  organizations through provision of appropriate relevant teachings, training and teaching materials.(Proverbs 27:17)
  • To Provide counselling, guidance and mentorship to youth and the upcoming ministers of God, walking by them.
  • To Provide general counseling services to members of the community especially to women, young adults and teenagers.
  • To promote, and provide Life Skills, and Basic Business Training to the unprivileged members of the community especially orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), teenage mothers and unemployed women.
  • To engage in different social programs geared towards socio economic empowerment of  members and the society at large.